Mind-Blowing Portraits Made of Test Tubes and Pushpins | Michael Mapes recreated some of the Dutch Masters’ most famous portraits.  Michael Mapes  | WIRED.com

Mind-Blowing Portraits Made of Test Tubes and Pushpins | Michael Mapes recreated some of the Dutch Masters’ most famous portraits. image Michael Mapes | WIRED.com

The artist of all of these creations is Nick Cave.  We visited the Cincinnati Art Museum to see the Nick Cave exhibit in my Co-op class.  He works in a variety of materials and formats.  The suits shown above are sound suits set on mannequins that are in relation to gender, sexuality, race, and class.  Most of the fabric and appliques were bought at flea markets and thrift stores by Cave himself.  His creations are extremely interesting and detailed.  The reason behind his works are not always known but the main reason behind them is to inspire the viewer to keep an open mind.  

so it has been pretty warm outside this week so I have obviously had summer on the brain. It got me thinking about my summer shopping list and above are some of my summer 2012 must haves. First on the list is wedges, I have wanted these for a few summers now but have never been able to find the right pair, but this summer I am determined to find a pair of wedges I can dress up or down.  Second on the list is bow topped bathing suit, I have been seeing these bathing suits all over the internet and i think they are extremely adorable.  Next on the list is a fantastic bathing suit cover up, always a must.  Next is lace shorts, these shorts are amazing and the second I saw them I knew I needed to have them.  Next is a cut out dress, I am utterly obsessed with this dress above, I had to show two views because that dress is magnificent from all angles.  Next is colored skinny jeans, these pants are fantastic and every time I look at them I just think of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys.  Not to mention that color is very refreshing.  Finally I would be more then excited if I was the owner of a nice pair of scalloped shorts, these shorts are fun and flirty and seriously though I am getting tired of the average jean shorts in the summer it is time for something new. 

my 2012 Oscars best dressed list

The world is our runway. 

This past friday I went to a studio visit at the studio of Lindsey Luisignolo, an up and coming bridal and evening gown designer in Cincinnati.  Lindsey is a graduate of DAAP who originally started out in theatre to pursue a career as an actress, but soon discovered that she enjoyed making the costumes for theatre more then being acting in the productions.  She owns her own studio that she opened after amazing feedback from the showing of her collection at Cincinnati Fashion Week.  She is inspiring and hard working, listening to her story made me even more excited to start co-oping next spring.  She made me realize that you do not need to know what you want to do right away.  She co-oped in a lot of tween wear companies and even though that was not her passion she made sure to make the time to learn more about the business.  She interviewed anyone in the companies she worked for that would let her and discovered how each one of those people go to where they are today.  It was a very educational and awesome experience.  I know I want to apply to intern at her studio next spring when I go on my first co-op.  The most important thing that I learned from lindsey is what sets us apart is the way we think and we need to be able to show that to the businesses we are going to co-op for in the future.

My favorite Coco Chanel quote

My favorite Coco Chanel quote

These are the parts to my Kourtney K look of the day! The button down shirt is from Threadscence.com, the fantastic fringe boots are from Urban Outfitters, the one of a kind ring I got at an awesome festival in Columbus, OH called comfest, it is every year on the last weekend in June in downtown Columbus, it is fantastic people watching and if you are like me and greatly enjoy one of kind hand made jewelry you will love comfest.  Also those feather earrings are from the slave trade in Charleston, SC that is also a great place to get a lot of cool and unique jewelry and downtown Charleston is just a amazing place in general.

Today I went to a wonderful fashion show put on by Macys as a part of the career connections event put on by The University of Cincinnati.  I learned the difference between business casual and everyday work attire.  I learned that the way you dress every day in the office depends on the company you are working for.  For example if I were to work for Abercrombie & Fitch I would wear jeans and a nice top to the interview, so I would dress more business casual but if I were to be interviewing for a company such as Liz Claiborne I would wear more of a suit type outfit.  The pictures above show some of the fantastic outfits Macys put together to give us there take on different types of business attire.  The most important thing learned today was that without confidence your going to get nothing accomplished.  It does not matter what you wear unless you are confident in your own skin and who you are.  You could be wearing a not so attractive outfit, but if you stroll in rocking your outfit, convinced you look fantastic you might convince the people around you to.  I would not suggest wearing an ugly outfit to an interview but the point I am trying to get across is that confidence is the best tool you can use in an interview.  

the water and the ocean are one of my biggest inspirations.  I love the way the ocean moves and the effect it has on people.  When fabric moves in motion with the waves of the ocean its is almost a magical experience.  These are just a few pictures I love that show how water and fabric relate.